Medicine Curing Hot Sale New Arrival Top Quality Compressed Air Dryer

1 Set
$1,047.00(1 - 1 Sets) $1,026.00(2 - 9 Sets) $1,005.00(>=10 Sets)
Medicine Curing Hot Sale New Arrival Top Quality Compressed Air Dryer
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Type: Regenerative air dryer
Application: Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Plastics Processing, Food Processing
Condition: New
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Μάρκα: Holysun
Power: 2000
Dimension(L*W*H): 819*570*1513mm
Key Selling Points: Energy saving
Warranty: 1 Year
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Energy & Mining
After-sales Service Provided: Free spare parts
Weight: 390kg
Product name: Top Quality Hot Sell New Arrival Adsorption Compressed Air Dryer
Keywords: heated air dryer
Capacity: 3.8m3/min(132scfm)
Inlet temperature: 0~38℃
Inlet pressure: 6~10bar
Regeneration mode: externally heated regeneration
Designed dew point: -20℃ (-40℃, -70℃ optional)
Air loss: ≤4%~6%
Inlet oil content: ≤0.01mg/m3
Desiccant: activated alumina and molecular sieve
Βασικές πληροφορίες
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Μάρκα: Holysun
Πληρωμής & Αποστολής Όροι
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Supply Ability: 2000 Set/Sets per Month heated air dryer
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Top Quality Hot Sell New Arrival Adsorption Compressed Air Dryer

Product Description

Adsorption Air Dryer also called Desiccant Air Dryer, is an air drying equipment, which works with air compressor and air filters to get the dried and purified compressed air. It drys the compressed air by PSA and TSA means.






Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer is using micro holes of the desiccant/adsorbent, adsorbs the moisture of the compressed air; meanwhile desorbs it by pressure relief and adsorbs the extra-heat, which are known as PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) and TSA(Temperature Swing Adsorption). Currently, the equipment is making up of two towers,controlled by the Program Controller, the two towers work alternately,one is for adsorbing, the other is for desorbing, continually circulating the running.






Consistent outlet pressure dew points.
A. Rationalizing tower layout, ensure 4.8 second contact time enough to dry saturated air at the dryer inlet to the desired dew point.
B. 30% extra desiccant provide to compensate for natural bed aging, ensure top performance of desiccant bed.
C. Large flow diffusers ensure even flow distribution through bed, eliminates channeling.

Minimum air loss <13.3%.
A. An excellent column design,saves 95% of the heat of adsorption, stored heat maintains purge air temperature during regeneration, maximizing the purge air’s ability to carry off moisture, minimizing the amount of purge air required.
B. Drying and regeneration in counter flow arrangement, energy not be wasted when wet air travels through dried desiccant.
C. You can adjust regeneration air according to the demand.

Long desiccant life.
A. Suitable tower sized ensure best condition of velocity & time when compressed air through desiccant bed,making good use of the desiccant.
B. Rationalizing system, a filter installed will remove oil and heavy contaminants before air flows into the tower, protects bed from contamination.

Superior quality.
A. Using butterfly valve and reliable program controller which can be auto timing and auto switching, works stable and reliable, unaffected from electric net, pressure and electric field.
B. Scientifically designed switching time ensuring the air pressure being stable,running without waving.
C. Non basement,easy to install.


Standard adsorption air dryer designed data: Inlet pressure: 7bar, Inlet temperature: ≤38℃. If inlet pressure are different, Capacity=Compressor FAD÷(table-1)


Company Information




Packaging & Shipping


1. What is the power supply? Can a special power supply be customized?
A: The conventional power supply is 220V/60Hz, 380V/50Hz; 115V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, 380V/60Hz can be customized, and the production cycle should be extended. Please confirm with the customer service for specific requirements!

2. What is the working pressure?
A: The normal pressure is 7~10kg (0.7~1.0MPa).

3. Is it more than 10kg (1.0MPa)? Can it be customized?
A: Yes, the high pressure can be customized.

4. Can the dryer be adapted to corrosive gases?
A: No, the conventional dryer is suitable for non-corrosive compressed air purification.

5. What is the control method for the dryer?
A: The conventional cold dryer uses several instrument controls.

6. What is the control method for the dryer?
A: The conventional dryer is controlled by a microcomputer program.

7. Can the machine be made into a PLC control method?
A: Yes, our strong design team can tailor the solution for specific project requirements, and PLC can also be compiled according to actual requirements.

8. What kind of refrigerant is your cold dryer?
A: We use invironmental friendly refrigerant of R-407C, R-134a etc.

9. Do you have a discount on your price?
A: We have favorable price for dealer, if you're in the compressed air market, we can talk to get a discount base on the qty.

10. Why are your prices more expensive than others?
A: We promise to use the new compressor, the Dutch Joke electric row, the high quality copper tube, we guarantee the source of each accessory, to ensure that every production process has passed 100% inspection.100% of the finished machine has passed 3 inspections to ensure that our machine runs stably. So the price is slightly higher!

11. What qualification certificates do you have?
A: HOLYSUN has a production license, CE, ISO, China Top Ten Famous Brands and various patent certificates.

12. What is your market distribution?
A: 60% in China and 40% in exports.



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